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“The King of Fighters 97OL”, 2015 most anticipated tour masterpiece fighting hand! SNK has a genuine IP licensing; various interactive play with the feelings of people service sports tours; most realistic fighting experience; a variety of skill sets to enjoy the thrill of taking an even strokes; throw away the complicated moves the table so that you ten seconds to play turn KOF; 4K ultra-clear picture quality performance leap hand travel peak!

Welfare board to send a [time] Kusanagi: Players consecutive login game, the second day to get — Kusanagi Beijing immediately login 100 percent for seven consecutive days to get [blue] Kusanagi strong to help out!
Two [Login to send legend welfare equipment]: Players log on the third consecutive day, sending orange 50 weapons, more expensive daily log in orange dress spar a lot to send!
Welfare three [first] charge delivery partner: first recharge any amount you can get super strong permanent fighting partner — little door!

Dear KOF players:

In order to give the majority of players to create a more stable and smooth gaming environment, provide a richer gaming experience, “The King of Fighters 97 OL” will be held on August 4 in the morning on the game server for routine maintenance update, players will not be during the login server, giving you cause please understand the inconvenience.

[Maintenance time:

August 4, 2015 8:00: 00-12: 00, is expected to maintain four hours;

Players will not be able to enter the game during maintenance

* Open service time may be early or late, depending please pay attention to the latest official bulletin

[Maintenance] range:

Full platform for all servers

[Update] 🙁 after maintenance will be upgraded to version 1.2.2)

The new system

[Camp system]

★ camp system – shocked to open!

Camp PK: Players beat the other camp, the camp has won the honor! Up to 10 people with screen battle!

Skills Camp: an assembly of four kinds camp gem, enhance the combat!

Camp Capture the Flag: recapture banners into the enemy camp, camp you’re a hero!

Raiders camp: the whole point of the line! Competition for high prize BOSS!

[Buddy system]

★ buddy system – warm struck!

The new partners: New small door, little dragon referral, and other five major elements of the wizard partner.

Exclusive skills: unique proprietary skills, full-screen high-explosive damage to monomer, bringing a new fighting experience!

Partner Training: carefully cultivated to improve grades, increase combat power, for your extraordinary career KOF world provide help!

Partners renamed: arbitrary renamed, funny Tricky words, you bring a touch of summer to cool!

New play:


Li Bing thunders flags waving, ancient expedition a few people back?

The most dangerous journey to bring the most generous incentives, cute magical partner beckoning to you ~

Once a day a new journey, 10 games tough fight exception awaits you do not fight to the last man never stops!

I want to win not only need a strong fighter, but need a reasonable mix and extraordinary wisdom!

So what, you bring all the fighting at home, embark on the journey it!

[Ultimate Survival]

You will face more cruel bloodthirsty enemy, understand their weaknesses and beat them with a reasonable fighting at home allows you to go further, if you can become the top of the food chain, man?

Ultimate survival, waiting for you to fight!

Monday to Friday, 20:00 to 21:00 every night open.

Each player can challenge only once, 20: 50 after entering the settlement time can not enter the copy.

After the event, according to the players to get rankings given appropriate incentives.

[Advanced] Occupation

To upgrade their level and combat effectiveness.

Clearance elite, masters level, by KOF road, martial arts, the expedition’s special test.

Lawrence of harvest blood, martial arts master, and so cool career title, was a powerful fighting properties!

New activity:

[Activities] first charge a Gifts

Small investment, hundredfold rebate, get the best value packs, packs which reads as follows:

Partners activate props: permanent activation exclusive partner small door, experience a different battle!

Golden Fist: Gold Artifact help you arise, Scatter, sweeping everything!

Material Package: a large number of advanced equipment to strengthen the material and books to help you go farther and farther on the road equipped with enhanced!

A lot of gold: the money is not something, build community, strong equipment, up skills, original everything is so simple!

[Activity II] Small Fund

Activity Time: August 4 – August 12

Daily recharge $ 1, $ 3, $ 6, you can receive gifts.

Recharge one yuan can receive: Gold * 10w, strengthen the stone * 20 * 10 diamonds, experience syrup * 1.

3 yuan recharge can receive: Gold * 15w, punch rock stars * 30 * 30 diamonds, experience syrup * 1.

6 yuan recharge can receive: Gold * 30w, Billy keepsake * 3, * 60 diamonds, experience syrup * 1.

[Three] KOF peak activity packs

Before August 13 update – after August 4 Update: Time

To celebrate the new version of the line, to repay the majority of old players, after this update is complete, you can receive the old players to the pinnacle of a KOF game packs via e-mail. Please note that players check their mailbox.

[Activity Four] Diamond Exchange

Before August 13 update – after August 4 Update: Time

Internal activities, through props synthesis, using existing equipment and equipment Advanced spar reel convertible diamond exchange ratio of not less than 150% of the original price!

Activity Five] [30 yuan value packs

Activity Time: August 4 – August 12

Value packs worth $ 300, double the diamond return, 20 times the welfare gift! Gold * 100W, punch rock stars * 400 * 20 Iori keepsake, large physical agents * 5 * 600 diamonds.

[Activities 6] Limited Time Sale

Activity Time: August 4 – August 12

Rare props limit discounts to sell, more details can be in the game [Mall], [limited sale] at the view.

[Activity] accumulated seven top

Activity Time: August 4 – August 12

Cumulative recharge reach a certain amount, you can receive the corresponding reward. Details can be in the game [activity], [top] at the cumulative view.

Fully optimized:

1. Nine fighters original Super nirvana on the line, fighting at home to purple to upgrade experience.

2. equipment system optimization, new play equipment to build, equipment upgrades and equipment evolution instead of play.

3. a copy of the original team play, upgrade to play copy-stop series (duel, guardian, Fam), the new one-stop package.

4. martial arts revision, optimization experience.

5. Associations optimization, new clubs and societies donation, the new community was renamed function, the new community leader mail functionality.

6. A copy of the assessment star mechanism optimization.

7. Mall interface optimization.

Thanks for your support for the players, “The King of Fighters 97 OL”, and hope that through our joint efforts, so KOF bring more happiness.

“The King of Fighters 97OL” operations team

August 3, 2015

For more information, please visit the game: “The King of Fighters 97OL” when the music’s official website

Watch hand travel news, just when the music network!



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