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Build everything that you can imagine! Use your imagination and create things by your fantasy. During the game create the whole worlds by means of the portable Minecraft edition. Minecraft allows you to carry out construction during the way. Create masterpieces in a trip by blocks, during meetings with friends, an outdoor recreation; opportunities – are infinite. Be not limited to the computer, play Minecraft everywhere where you go. Use 36 different types of blocks.


  • Chests for storage of things
  • Beds for rest till the dawn (day and night now last longer), and saving character’s place
  • Creepers и TNT (use flint to light)
  • Food. Eat for recovery of health
  • Farming; wheat, seeds, and mattock
  • Peace mode: treatment and absence of monsters
  • Hatch, new paints and some new recipes
  • Pictures
  • Cultivation of mushrooms
  • Reactor
  • Zombie people-pigs
  • Now you can create hatches
  • TNT blocks and new stone whetstone in Creative mode
  • Fixed bugs



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